Dokuz Eylul University Women Research Centre

The purpose (goal), study areas, and governing bodies of Higher Education Institution’s Application and Research Center for Women’s Rights and Issues (ARCWRI) which is affiliated with Dokuz Eylul Rectorship  and was founded by being published in official newspaper  number 27388, dated 26 October 2009, are given (shown) below.

The purpose (goal) of the Center: To conduct public awareness raising educational activities intended to cultivate personnel (staff) who would generate plans (proposals) to contribute to the intellectual development concerning the human rights and women’s issues in Turkey, in cooperation with the national and international institutions and organizations that are actively working on these subject matters to perform research, analysis, advising, and publishing activities, to organize activities, to attend and support such activities.

The fields of study for the Center are:

  1. Organizing and administering, attending, and supporting educational activities intended for developing, disseminating the idea of women’s rights, and elevating the standing (status) of women in society, raising consciousness regarding the women’s rights,
  2. Performing and administering research, analysis, and planning; attending and supporting activities, national or international, in all areas that are related to women’s rights and issues,
  3. Organizing national and international meetings such as conventions, lectures (conferences), seminars (symposiums) on women’s rights and issues and attending such meetings,
  4. Women’s rights being foremost, supporting and guiding consciousness raising efforts intending to abolish all human rights breaches, establishing and protecting human rights and trying to enlighten the society using every means available
  5. Continuously broadcasting women’s rights and issues, attending and supporting such broadcasts; creating an archive using domestic and foreign sources,
  6. Ensuring that courses, seminars, and thesis dealing with all aspects of women’s rights and issues, including economic, social, cultural, legal, and political, are being offered at bachelor’s, master’s, and doctorate levels in the university, and cooperating with other universities active in these areas (fields) to encourage the participation of faculty and students and to form volunteer groups,
  7. Offering research, analysis (review), planning, and consulting services by evaluating requests from public and private institutions and organizations and private citizens,
  8. Establishing relations and cooperating with domestic and international institutions and organizations.